The world's beauties' delivery health Tokyo escort, Matchmaker 2. Waiting for your call in Tokyo 23 wards areas.

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金髪外人デリバリーヘルス マッチメーカー2

2020.02.05 A very slim Korean and French girl has come in.
2019.10.06 The cute girl lwill bewitch you.
2019.10.04 Her legs go on forever, Miss Alana
2019.09.24 Her face is beautiful. Tiffany
2019.08.02 I beauty from Columbia has come in

2016.07.11 A very tall girl has come in 190cm
2014.08.08 Maria
2014.08.05 Crushed Ice
2014.08.04 Eyelash extensions
2014.08.03 Karina

We will deliver girls in the 23 wards of Tokyo
We recommend the Roppongi, Shibuya areas as waiting time will be minimal.


Lisa Mia Valery
Anny Amanda Rudy
Aya Dasha Nataly
emily Harmony Milady
Franchesca Haruko Daniella
Bianca Brandy Ana
Alana Sabrina Natasha
Susan Leila Isabella
Karina Nabiki Mary
Today's Pickup Girls


Height 163 cm
Size 95-60-91
Age 30 yrs
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Height 168 cm
Size 95-60-95
Age 26 yrs
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Height 175 cm
Size 98-60-90
Age 27 yrs
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